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forger is a digital sculpting application for the artist who wants to be able to sculpt anywhere. forger lets you sculpt while you are on the train, sitting on the couch, or waiting in a queue.

Featuring an intuitive multitouch interface, several deformation brushes, the ability to import/export OBJ files, and many other awesome features, now thanks to forger you can sketch out ideas anywhere you go.


Simple 3D navigation

forger makes 3D navigation incredibly easy with its intuitive, well thought, multitouch gestures. Orbiting, panning and zooming has never been easier!

file I/O Wavefront OBJ

File I/O

Save your scenes to the internal scene format and use the popular OBJ file format to import or export new models or basemeshes.



With 9 brushes to choose from; standard, clay, flatten, move, smooth, pinch, inflate, layer and mask. You will always find the one you need for the right task, each brush has an alternate function that does even more!

Multiresolution Meshes

Multiresolution Meshes

Increase the resolution of the model by multiplying the number of faces by four, whilst keeping the previous (coarser) version of the mesh as another sublevel. Step back and forth between levels to do big changes or work on details. Rebuild sublevels on previously subdivided meshes from other softwares to get all your levels back!

Partial mesh visibility

Partial mesh visibility

Hiding parts of the model you are working on will help you focus on your sculpture, and getting to hard to reach areas.



Control the areas your brushes can afect by masking them. Masking will make sculpting in delicate areas easier.

Multi model editing

Sculpt Layers

Work in a non destructive manner by creating layers per sublevel for quick concepting and adjusting their intensities for different results.

Multi model editing

Pressure sensitivity support

Applying different pressure on the device with the supported styluses will have different effect on the mesh. Supported stylus are: Apple Pencil, Wacom Creative Stylus, Pogo Connect and JaJa Stylus.

Multi model editing

Dropbox Integration

Save and load all you work on the cloud via Dropbox.

Multi model editing


Share your creations by emailing scenes, OBJ models, screenshots or tweeting screenshots!

Other Features


forger includes some simple basemeshes so you can start sculpting without having to transfer anything from your computer.

Symmetrical Sculpting

Load your model, scan its symmetry and you are ready to go!
Scan models for topological symmetry and sculpt on them symetrically if they are posed!

Light Movement (iPad)

As all artists know light and shadows define forms on models, adjust the light position to better see if your sculpture works under different lighting conditions!


Q - What is the maximum amount of polygons per mesh?
A - As of forger version 1.2 the polygon limit has been removed and now it is purely limited by the available memory, so this limit will depend on both the amount of memory of the device and the background apps, closing unused background apps will indeed help (a well known bg app heavy on the memory is Safari).

Q - What is the maximum amount of meshes per scene?
A - The limit depends on the amount of memory available on your device.

Q - Can I subdivide my meshes in forger?
A - Yes! As of version v1.2 this is possible.

Q - Can I load textures in forger?
A - Not at the moment, this will be solved in future releases.

Q - Are there any scene import/export scripts available for 3dsmax/Maya/Softimage/Blender to import the internal "forger Package (*.fpk)" file format?
A - Not at the moment, these will come in future releases, in the meantime you can always use the ubiquitous Wavefront OBJ file format. ;)

Version History

Fixes crash when opening the help menu.
Fixes support for Wacom Creative Stylus under iOS9.
Fixes Bake Transform hang when dialog was displayed.
Added triangle-based remeshing.
Added video turntable creation.
Added snap orbiting on smooth+orbit back in.
Added Pogo Connect 2 support.
Fixes issues with free orbiting.
Fixes possible hang when resetting preferences.
Fixes mesh cracks appearing in meshes when the brush size was set exactly ot the minimum size permitted.
Other minor improvements.
Improved handling of bluetooth stylus.
Updated feedback form.
Further memory reduction.
Other minor UI improvements.
Fixes tutorial display on iPad Air under iOS8.
Fixes weird case where stylus menus would not display correctly on iPad Air under iOS8.
Added double tap to lock sidebar buttons.
Pressing a sidebar button will now lock the sidebar in place until released.
Improved shader slightly.
Reduced memory usage and added more alerts around high memory consumption.
Minor UI polishing.
Fixes crashes due to stack overflow.
Redesigned app UI.
Added sculpt layers.
Added support for topological symmetry.
Added support for Wacom Creative Stylus and Pogo Connect.
Added a way to manually enable/disable autosaving of scenes.
Fixes possible race condition where an AlertView could block forever whilst loading a file having autosave enabled.
Fixes Crashes on iPhone/iPod touch running older versions of iOS.
Rebuilt with a non buggy version of XCode, fixes crashes on iOS5.x
Updated JaJa SDK (This will fix all problems users were having with brushes appearing to have zero intensity or no effect)
Added support for iOS7
Fixed bug where meshes could break up/look pierced after a few subdivisions
Fixed bug where meshes symmetry axis would not be saved with the scene in certain cases.
New approach to symmetry handling (no need to scan symmetry).
Faster scene loading times from 1.3.0 & 1.3.1.
Added initial support for the pressure sensitive JaJa stylus.
Fixed floating point slider refresh issues.
Shifted bottom shortcuts up so they are not partially covered by the toolbar.
Improved shortcut buttons response from 1.3.0.
OpenGL programmable pipeline (per pixel lighting).
Reimplemented multiresolution mesh for efficiency and compactness.(faster sculpting, takes up less memory, also fixes bad triangulation on highly subdivided meshes)
Added translation, rotation & uniform scaling tools.
Added Scrape Brush.
Improved speed of Flatten, Clay & Smooth brushes.
Fixed Smooth/Pinch/Mask brush strength issues, revised strength on all brushes.
Shortcuts will highlight when pressed, alternate shortcut can be locked by double tapping it.
Reintroduced and improved support for "Open in...".
Added missing brush icons.
Corrected Mask brush scaling dependencies.
Changed Mask brush default strength value.
Detail preserving sublevel remapping.
More precise vertex selection.
Converged mask brush strength with other brushes.
Added Snap UVs menu option.
Detail preserving sublevel remapping.
More precise vertex selection.
Converged mask brush strength with other brushes.
Added Snap UVs menu option.
Fixed bug that would result in loading failures with multiresolution meshes with more than 2 sublevels (ie: default sphere, plane, cube).
Changed runtime memory checks (this will prevent from "Some scene object(s) could not be loaded." error).
More informative scene load error messages.
Multiresolution Meshes support.
Improved rendering performance of meshes.
Removed hardcoded 65k mesh vertex limit.
Improved performance of all brushes.
Corrected scale in pinch & smooth brush.
Fixed bug with symmetrical sculpting on old scenes.
Fixed bug triggered by threading issues on large document.
iOS Universal app.
Landscape orientation support iPad.
Twitter integration.
Email scenes/models/screenshots.
Document UTI integration (import models/scenes from Mail app).
Ability to remove documents.
Multiple autosaves and recovery utility.
Old brush shortcut to adjust size and strength.
Scan symmetry crash fixed.
iOS 5 Ready.
Improved memory management.
Improved layer brush.
Improved normal recalculation.
Initial public version.


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