Format notes


forger Package Scene (*.fpk)

This is the default forger format, it supports saving all scenes contents and states, including selections and tool preferences.

It is recommended that users remain in this format for as long as they can and use the more general export/import formats to interact with other mobile or desktop apps.


OBJ (.obj)

  • Import:
    • UVs (if found)
    • Geometry
  • Export:
    • UVs (if any)
    • Geometry

Alembic (*.abc)

forger has "basic" support of Alembic files, allowing the import of single frame meshes.

Only Ogawa Alembic files are supported

  • Import:
    • Sculpting: forger will import any sub-meshes as individual MultiresMesh nodes.
    • Painting: forger will merge all sub-meshes into one for painting purposes.