Welcome to the forger for iOS reference manual

forger for iOS is an universal sculpting and painting app that works on all iOS devices (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/iPad Pro) although it really benefits of the extra screen size found in the larger devices and makes great use of the performance benefits that the iPad Pro(s) can bring to the table and supports various pressure sensitive stylus.

This manual introduces users to forger for iOS, taking them from the forger basics, to the most advanced, almost hidden desktop-class features that forger has.


iOS11 allows changing something that is outside of the control of forger that can affect In-App Purchases, if you are having trouble getting the texturing IAP to work please check that the application storage location has not been changed in the Settings app.

Try this: + Open the Settings app. + Go to forger. + Set storage to “Local Storage” + Reinstall the app and/or reboot for good measure + Open the app and restore the purchase + Texturing features should be available.

If it isn’t set to “Local Storage” the purchase receipt will not be stored on the device and as a result you won’t be able to paint.