This panel shows any images or directories found in the "images/" folder of the app.

Users can place any images they want to use to project with to this folder via Apple's "Files" app or by dropping images onto the panel from any other application. (ie: Safari)

Any images contained in this panel can be dragged to the viewport to use in conjunction with the Project Paint Brush when the app is in "painting" context, or dragged to the viewport to create an ImagePlane with them to use as reference background images when the app is in "sculpting" context.


Camera and Photo Library pictures can be used, upon selection or picture taken, they will be copied and shrunk when stored inside forger for projection, to avoid users from attempting to project unnecessarily large files and to minimize scene file storage.

Resources toolbar

  • Camera: Users can take pictures and have those images added to this panel to use for projection.

  • Photo Library: Images from the photo library can be added to this panel to use for projection.



forger allows users to make turntable videos of their creations to share with friends and colleagues.

After generation, turntable videos are stored in the devices "Photo Library"


In order to store in the "Photo Library" access permission is required by iOS. If access isn't granted, turntables will be left in the app's "Documents" folder.

Users can choose the length (in frames) of the turntable videos.


forger allows taking screenshots (with alpha) that users can later on use in other programs to do concept work on the go, these screenshots are stored directly inside the app's Documents/ folder, and can be accessed via the Apple "Files" app.

This function allows users to pick a resolution between: 720p, 1080p and 2160p.


Users can share their creations via email or tweet screenshots via the main menu.


  • User Manual: Shows the user manual of the app.

  • Twitter: Shows the twitter account of @forgerapp. Check here often to know the latest about forger!

  • About: Has some useful info about the app and contains a list of acknowledgments.


Opens an email form that users can fill in to send an email to forger support to give feedback about the app.

Requires at least an email account to be configured on the device that the app is running on, otherwise, emails can't be sent.

Extras ( In-App Purchases )

forger allows buying some extra functionality or assets from this section via In-App Purchases (IAP).

In order to buy In-App Purchases, users will need a valid AppStore account and internet connection at the time of the purchase.

Occasional internet connection may be needed for further validation in successive runs as forger may occasionally check AppStore purchase receipts.


iOS11 allows changing something that is outside of the control of forger that can affect In-App Purchases, if you are having trouble getting the texturing IAP to work please check that the application storage location has not been changed in the Settings app.

Try this: + Open the Settings app. + Go to forger. + Set storage to “Local Storage” + Reinstall the app and/or reboot for good measure + Open the app and restore the purchase + Texturing features should be available.

If it isn’t set to “Local Storage” the purchase receipt will not be stored on the device and as a result you won’t be able to paint.