If there is a visible check icon next to the "Texture Painting" name in the "Extras" section of the menu, the "Texture Painting" purchase has gone through and painting features will be enabled.

Test Scenes

When the "Texture Painting" features are enabled, there will be two new entries in the menu “File > Open Base Scene…” listed as:

  • "Paint Bust Sample"
  • "Paint Body Sample”

These are examples that users can try to confirm everything is ok, to test painting quickly without much hassle.

Split Sculpting/Painting contexts

At the moment in forger, only "paintable" meshes can be painted, and only "sculptable" meshes can be sculpted.

When texture painting is enabled, users will get a question every time geometry is being imported (OBJ/Alembic), asking whether the geometry should be imported for sculpting or painting.

In order to paint a mesh that is currently "sculptable", users must convert it (assuming it wasn’t remeshed, and still has UVs) to a "paintable" one, there is a conversion button located in the toolbar (bottom) of the "Mesh" menu:


Converting to paintable is one-way only, when run, users will be asked about keeping the "sculptable" mesh in scene, or deleting it.

Context identification

An easy way to know whether a model in a scene is paintable or sculptable is by checking it’s icon in the Objects list, if it is sculptable, it will have a "pottery" icon, if it’s paintable, it will have a “paint canvas” icon.

If users keep switching selection from "paintable" objects to "sculptable" ones the “context” will change and thus the icons on the sidebar and the general UI “tint” color will switch from blue (sculpting) to green (painting) so at any time it’s really easy to know which context the app is in.


The context depends entirely on the selection in the Objects list.


Once a mesh has been imported for painting, and it has been selected, forger will be in "painting" context and... :

  • Painting tools shortcuts will be visible in the "sidebar" and listed through the tool picker.

  • Painting-related buttons will be displayed (stamp button, color picking button, eye-dropper shortcut, ...)

  • The "Layers" submenu will list "Texture" layers instead of "Sculpt" ones, and there will be the possibility of painting multiple channels (baseColor/roughness/etc...)

  • Dragging images from the "Resources" menu will switch the tool to the "Projection Brush" to do image projections and set the dragged image as the projection image.

  • Different display modes will be listed (allowing to see specific channels as constant-shaded, allowing reviewing of individual texture channels)

  • The 3D/UV Viewport switcher of the viewport toolbar will be enabled, allowing users to paint in either viewport mode.

Final notes on Painting

At the moment users must think about the painting side as an entirely different application, that is paint-only like a Desktop 3d painting software where paintable models can't be edited or tweaked at all, they can only be painted.


Q: I'm using the latest version, I purchased the "Texture Painting" IAP and I can't see the checkbox next to it, what do I do?

Try this:
    + Open the Settings app.
    + Go to forger.
    + Set storage to “Local Storage”
    + Reinstall the app and/or reboot for good measure
    + Open the app and restore the purchase
    + Texturing features should be available.