forger allows adjusting user settings in the preferences menu, these user choices are saved and restored across different forger sessions.

The preferences can be edited through the "Preferences" menu.


  • Free Orbit Style: Controls the orbiting style, when disabled, the orbiting style will be turntable (the classic navigation for all 3d software) when enabled the orbiting style will be a ”Rolling Ball” freestyle orbiting. (this navigation style might feel more natural to some users for sculpting as it has no restrictions in the way it handles orbiting)

  • Action Pivot: Enable this option to use the last active point as the center for all navigation actions, note that this center will still stay in place in screen coordinates.

  • Left Handed: Changes the layout of the app to display the SideBar and menus on the right, having this disabled will mean that the app is in Right Handed mode and thus the sidebar and menus will be on the left. (This may seem counter-intuitive but is actually done on purpose so the hand that users don’t use as much is the one they will use to change brushes and the other hand can stay on top of the model)

  • Hide Touches: Hides the touch display that appears when there are multiple touches. (This option is only to keep the viewport cleaner and less distracting when users feel more confident with the app.)

  • Pressure Curve: This curve is applied to the input pressure of the various devices before setting the final pressure in the active tool, allowing users to adjust pressure handling to their preference.


  • Background Color: Controls the background color (clear color) of the viewport.
  • Cursor Default: Controls the usual color of the cursor, when there is no shortcut pressed.
  • Cursor Smooth: Controls the color of the cursor, when the smooth shortcut button is pressed.
  • Cursor Alternate: Controls the color of the cursor, when the alternate shortcut button is pressed.


  • Display Pressure Widget: This option will add a little widget to the viewport that will display stylus pressure if a pressure-sensitive stylus is being used. Please note that the operating system needs some memory left to work so it is recommended that there is some memory left to the OS to work with. It is recommended that you close all background apps that you can.
  • Display Memory Chart: Shows a viewport widget in the form of a pie chart that represents the memory taken up by forger (blue), all the other apps (red) and the available memory (green).
  • Show Memory Warnings: By default, forger shows memory warnings whenever it receives one, but users can disable this from the menu although doing so is not recommended.
  • Copy Autosave To Documents: forger keeps up to three autosave files, users can copy these files to the "Documents" folder by tapping this button.
  • Reset All Settings: Resets all settings to factory settings, including all tool preferences.